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Community research

Community research

Customer intelligence tool enabling the user to ask the right question to the most approripate target at the best timing.

  • Research road map
  • Survey (quant)
  • Forum (qual)
  • Member management
  • Tabulation, analysis, report
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Marketing Research

Marketing research

Providing high quality inbound & outbound research services in a quick and cost efficient manner for both qual and quant including focus groups, F2F interviews, CLT and MROC.

  • Quant / Qual
  • Group interview
  • Depth interview
  • CLT / Store catch
  • Online, mobile research
  • MROC

Solution research

Solution research

Seemless and integrated solutions, including data analysis based on pedestrian traffic, purchase data, social media data and web access data.

  • Pedestrian traffic and in-store movement
  • Research consulting
  • Social media listening
  • Log data analysis
  • Research training
  • Syndicated research
  • Index of business indicators (PMI)