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Customor-Cemtric Intelligence

Mission: Commitment to productive communication with the customer.

With the widespread adoption of smartphones, digital household appliances, wearable applications and automation technology, we are now living in a generation where everything is connected to the internet (IoT). Consumers' actions and comments can be followed and the consumers are now even more empowered.
Future marketing research will concentrate on the consumer, and there will be a continued trend in better understanding consumer insight consumer mindset and customer experiences on a real time basis, all of which are highly valued assets.
SSMR's mission is to enable our clients to have long term and effective conversations with customers and stakeholders, and to support clients in making business decisions that enable value-driven marketing based on the delivery of "better products and services" that meet customers' expectations on value.
To realize these missions, SSMR is commited to the wider use of community panels.
Through brand identity, short concise surveys and visually engaging question formats, community panels nurture engagement between the brand and the customer, which results in high response rates and an increase in the quality of data.

Core competence

SSMR concentrates its resources on its core competence and fields where it holds a competitive advantage.
These are in the following three areas:

  1. Global international research
  2. Gaining insights from the establishiment and management of online communities
  3. Sector focus

Partnership with Vision Critical

  • Vision Critical
  • Based in Vancouver, Canada. Established in 2000.
  • Ranked as one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America (Deloitte Fast 500)
  • $6 Million investment in R&D annually
  • Constant and continual innovation. The world is changing...
  • Global operation managing 700+ communities in 30 countries.

Benefits of an insight community

Smarter Bussiness Decisions

Welcome to the future: Customer advisory communities

  • Slow
  • Out of Date
  • Not Actionable
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Structured
  • Limited Peer Exchange
  • Data is silo’d & not easily shared
  • Not scalable across product groups/globally
  • On-Demand
  • Ongoing
  • Fresh & Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Peer Interaction & Collaboration
  • Distributed
  • Actionable
  • Efficient & Scalable

How we do it?

Participaing in research does not have to be monotonous
If you keep people engaged data quality will be better